Anti – Termite Treatment
Anti – Termite
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  Do you Know ?,  What is Termite ?  



Termite or white ants as they are commonly known live in communities forming colonies. They are found in soil and damage wooden and building materials Every colony has a queen who reproduce in the thousand and surrounded by workers ants who guard the colony and look for food which include wood and cellulose materials Which they eat and digest.
The termite attack building through tiny cracks and crevices in the foundation, floor walls causing severe damage to human habitat and property by destroying furniture wooden frame windows beams and also paper product and important document.
  How do they Attack and Damage our Property ?  

The termite enter building and structure undetected from below damaging the foundation and spreading to upper floors through joints wall cavities and the inter space of brick and stone work, electrical parts and also spread through drainage line. This way not only wood but even the RCC columns and beams cannot resist termite attack. Iron when rusts expands and provides channels for termite to enter upper floors. Some species of termite are highly destructive to wood work which eat up and hollow out wooden structure. Some are even capable of penetrating the sheathings of electrical wires thus causing short circuit and fire.

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