Small and slender, three to four inches long, with large ears, small eyes and pointed nose. Light brown or light gray. Droppings are rod-shaped.

Nests within structures and burrows. Establish a "territory" near food sources that are generally 10 to 30 feet from nest. Inquisitive, but very wary. Excellent climbers.

Omnivorous, but prefers cereal grains.

Prolific breeders by two months of age. Can have litters as often as every 40 or 50 days, with four to seven young per litter. Live up to one year.

The Treatment is completely Odourless & non messy its frequency Quarterly Basis Service, four Services in a  year.
Our application chemicals are recommended by World Health Organization (WHO) and National Malaria Eradication programe (NMEP)
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