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Do you Know ?,  What is Termite ?

Termite or white ants as they are commonly known live in communities forming colonies. They are found in soil and damage wooden and building materials Every colony has a queen who reproduce in the thousand and surrounded by workers ants who guard the colony and look for food which include wood and cellulose materials Which they eat and digest.
The termite attack building through tiny cracks and crevices in the foundation, floor walls causing severe damage to human habitat and property by destroying furniture wooden frame windows beams and also paper product and important document.

How do they Attack and Damage our Property ?

The termite enter building and structure undetected from below damaging the foundation and spreading to upper floors through joints wall cavities and the inter space of brick and stone work, electrical parts and also spread through drainage line. This way not only wood but even the RCC columns and beams cannot resist termite attack. Iron when rusts expands and provides channels for termite to enter upper floors. Some species of termite are highly destructive to wood work which eat up and hollow out wooden structure. Some are even capable of penetrating the sheathings of electrical wires thus causing short circuit and fire.

Pre – Construction Anti Termite Treatment:


When you enter into a pre-construction contract for your entire building our method of treatment consists of chemical treatment of the following stages:

Our working 7 Stage recommend by B.I.S. & C.P.W.D. are as Under.


Bottom and sides of trenches
(up to ht. of 1200mm. form the bottom)


Back fill earth filling.


Junction of floor and wall.

  Top surface of Plinth filling.
  Spray in wooden frames.
  Spray in Electrical wooden boxes.

External perimeter of building.

1.) Soil (External Treatment):

A chemical toxic barrier is created between the termites in the soil and the building that has to be protected. This is achieved in the following manner:

If there exists a concrete cover or masonry apron around the walls of your building, 20mm holes are drilled as close as possible to the plinth wall about 300mm (1ft) apart from each other. Insecticide is then poured, so that it reaches the soil to eliminate the termites present there and to stop them from re-infesting. If your building is on pillars, the holes are drilled around the pillars and insecticide poured into the soil.

If there is loose earth around the walls of your building, trenches of a 'shovel width' are dug, exposing the external surfaces of the foundation wall up to a depth of 500 mm from the ground level. While re-filling the trenches, the dug up earth is returned in layers & insecticide is sprayed over the back fill earth.  

2.) The Base of the Masonry Walls (Internal Treatment)

The internal treatment of base of masonry walls and treatment of woodwork is carried out as per the one-year maintenance contract mentioned above. Termites, which originate from the soil, are controlled effectively when your building is treated at the ground level as per the above mentioned method.

But, as an additional precaution, the outer walls on the first floor are also subjected to the masonry drilling treatment. Above the first floor, the drilling operation is carried out only in areas infested by termites.    

3.) Vulnerable Wooden Portions of the Building:

Further, on all floors, wood work like doors and windows, which are highly susceptible to termite attack are also protected by treating them with the drilling operation. Spot treatment of spraying on infested areas in the walls and ceiling is also carried out. On completion of the initial treatment, about 80% of the termites are eliminated from your building. The remaining which is hidden in the walls is eliminated within 6 months, during the check up visits of our operator. In remote cases, it may even take 2 years to eradicate the termites.    

2 - 5 Years - In case of comprehensive anti-termite treatment of the entire building, we give a warranty of two years. Any re-infestation of termites during the warranty period is treated without any extra charge.  

Frequency of Check Ups:

After the initial treatment a check up of the entire building is carried out every month for the first months.

A check up is carried out once every six months for the next two years. Intimation will be given in advance by post about the time of arrival of our operators. The check up visit is to find out whether there has been any re-infestation of termites. Necessary treatment will be carried out in case of re-     infestation.

You can call us as and when there is re-infestation during the contract period.


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